Water features

Water features and fish ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden.

Aspire Landscapes can design and install your new pond, fountain or waterfall to suit your budget

It’s a myth that you need a large garden to have a water feature or pond. By working with a dedicated team of landscape designers and installers, you can create a beautiful water element in your garden which enhances the surrounding area by creating a focal point. We can install any kind of water feature that you can imagine, from traditional garden ponds to a dazzling contemporary water feature we install them all to the highest standards.

Our water feature installation services greatly add to the joy of your garden as well as benefitting the natural environment, enabling you to grow different types of plant, keep fish and attract many types of wildlife. Adding a pond, fountain or waterfall to your outdoor area means you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of water splashing as you sit in the garden – perfect for a warm summers evening.

aspire landscape liverpool

Drilled Rock

Drilled rock water features are a fantastic accent that becomes a focal point of your garden as a stand alone feature or as part of a rockery or pond. We work closely with quarries around the UK, so we can find the right colour, shape and size of rock needed to make a large water feature for your garden. The flickering water gives enough movement to wash over the boulder and give off a gentle babbling noise. For this project, we used grey granite cobbles to build a circular wall then drilled the rock poking through a bed of mixed bean pebbles.


Ponds are a great way of adding an air of peace and tranquillity to your outdoor space and we create ponds and gardens that are visually stunning, architectural, artistic and full of colour. Our client wanted to turn their garden into a beautiful oasis to escape. So we went through our usual procedure when building a pond we excavated the hole and shaped it to match the design, we then dressed the pond with with underlay and fitted the pond liner. Before we went any further we then built the frame for the future decked seating bay. We then formed the pond with natural rock boulders and pebbles. Finishing it off by completing the decking and installing a little bridge using same materials as the decking to tie it all in. We also installed the pond’s pump, filtration system, plants and lawn.

aspire landscape liverpool
aspire landscape liverpool


The sound of a waterfall creates a peaceful atmosphere for you to enjoy. By adding a well-designed waterfall to your garden you will transform your space into a private retreat to unwind with friends and family, completely changing the atmosphere of your landscape to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. In this image, our client wanted a natural arrangement of stones so we built a scattered look wall and pond edge with a high-pressure water pump to recycle the water to create an eco-friendly waterfall. Our waterfalls can be freestanding or flowing depending on how you want your outdoor space designed and we have the skills to create whatever waterfall style you desire.

Thanks lads!

Aspire done an amazing job designing and fitting our waterfall and pond they kept us involved all the way through it Which we liked. After seeing how clean and professional the lads worked we decided to get our driveway done too which like the pond is faultless got a great eye for landscape design. Top professionals.

Mr and Mrs Forshaw – Formby

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