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We are Liverpool’s specialist block paving team for outdoor spaces and driveways.

We are Liverpool’s specialist block paving team for outdoor spaces and driveways.

Whether you need a driveway, patio or path, laying paving will transform the look of your home. Available in a wealth of colours, finishes and designs to match any home or garden style, you can choose from traditional or modern styles to suit your taste and the vision you have for your outdoor space. There is a wide range of paving options to choose from including materials such as sandstone, porcelain, granite and Indian sandstone, with each giving a unique elegance to the project.

It is important to us that our paving doesn’t just look beautiful but it’s also long-lasting. Our team ensure the sub-base we install offers an appropriate foundation for the materials used. We clear the allotted area of any debris and use a layer of compacted stone aggregate to support the chosen paving products ready to install. Our sub-base is the main load bearing layer for your paving and its role is imperative to ensure your paving is even and well-supported

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Block Paving

Want to give your home the best first impression? Block paving is the perfect way of enhancing your outdoor space and adding great value to your home. Block Paving offers a variety of shapes and colours to give you the option of having a truly unique driveway. For this particular project, our client wanted something to really impress so selected Marshalls cobbletech block with a border of bull-nosed key kerb in Pennant Grey. We also installed a step with the same kerb style to tie into the design of the paving. Block Paving is specifically engineered to handle harsh weathers, long-lasting and easy to clean whilst looking high-end.


Tarmac is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a quick and low budget driveway solution but don’t wa to compromise on style. Don’t be put off by tarmac used in public spaces as it can look beautiful with the right design motif. If you’re after something that looks slick but want easy maintenance, then look no further. This client needed a driveway that was extremely durable and can take heavy loads without conceding on style. Due to this particular client owning a number of vehicles the brief we had was for the driveway to withstand heavy loads, so we fitted a tarmac drive with an Indian Stone walkway.

aspire landscape liverpool
aspire landscape liverpool

Indian Stone

Indian Stone is for the homeowners wanting to inject a bit of colour into their outdoor spaces. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, Indian Stone is perfect for making your driveway completely exceptional. Not only is it visibly striking but it is an extremely strong, durable and weather resistant product. During this project, our client wanted something truly unique so we worked together to choose this Autumn Bronze version with a charcoal drive-set kerb by our selected supplier Marshalls. We always finish our work off using a specially engineered German pointing  compound, making any of our projects fully weatherproof and resilient.

Concrete Slabs

If you need a super strong, reliable and cost-effective option then concrete is a fantastic alternative for your driveway. Concrete slabs are a stylish way of covering your driveway with a hard-wearing level surface that is pleasing on the eye and your wallet. On this project, our client wanted their concrete flags laid offset to each other with a border to complete the look in Marshalls Driveline Nova in Pebble Grey. The innovative mixed colour across each block provides a unique finish, ensuring an impressive driveway project. Our client was extremely pleased with the contemporary finish which complemented their property

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Questions About Paving and Driveway

Here’s a list of  Frequently Asked Questions About Paving and Driveway before hiring a contractor:

Can you use paving flags on a driveway?

Yes is the answer BUT and it’s a big but it depends on wat is below the surface. The sub-base is key in order for the flags to be able to take the weight and traffic over the years.

How to get rid of weeds on bock paving?

On a big driveway you may be better to use a pressure washer. Carefully clean the drive and remove all weeds. Be careful not to blast out the sand and effect the base of the drive. Once you have removed all the weeds wait for the surface to dry and brush kiln dried sand into the joints where you have  lost some.

How to prevent weeds on a block paved driveway?

You can use a sealant that stops weeds coming through the gaps but this does not stop weeds from growing on top of the surface. So to prevent this regular brushing and cleaning alongside the sealant will help prevent the weeds.

What are low maintenance driveways?

To keep it short, more often than not a driveway laid on a concrete base will mean less maintenance than one on a flexi base. For example materials like resin, paving flags, granite setts and concrete imprinting these are all lad on a concrete base and will prevent weeds coming through the surface depending on if they are installed properly. Materials like block paving and paving flags that are laid on a sand screed(flexi base), regardless of the quality of installation over time weeds will inevitably come through.

How much does a new driveway cost in UK?

Depending on size and materials you could be looking at anything from £2500 – £8500 for an average sized driveway in the uk. Unique designs and layouts with planting and things will obviously alter the price too.

Do you need planning permission for a driveway?

You will only need planning permission if you are installing a NON permeable material. The reason for this is because you are allowing water to run on to a public highway.

Great work guys!

When it came to getting my driveway done I rang about it in the end was an easy choice who i should go with. from our first meeting to our farewell everything went very smooth and according to plan. The chaps are real genuine honest people at the same time being very professional I had a clear idea they put it to the canvas. Simple as that. It made a huge difference to the look of my house. I would recomend the guys to anyone.

Mr G. Ascott – Alderly Edge

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