Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Gardening


Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Gardening

Is a landscape design dear?

A landscape design can come at a price of around £350 in the uk. For this you should get a full detailed plan to scale using software such as CAD. Your landscape gardener could put together a simple sketch with colour too give you an idea this could be a free service.

Landscape gardening on a budget?

  • Keep things simple, no fancy designs that will bump up labour time.
  • Use standard materials
  • In this day and age use natural grass instead of artificial types for your lawn
  • Do the waste removal and dig out yourself
  • Go with a design where you can recycle materials you already have.

Will a patio add value to a property?

YES! Studies have shown that 75% of house buyers look for a patio in good condition upon buying a home. This is backed up by other studies showing a landscaped garden can add as much as 20% of the property value.

What are the best materials for planters?

Our professional opinion we recommend brick or block materials for planters. They have a longer life span and are also more diverse you can interrogate them into a modern style garden using cladding or render and then on the other hand for a more traditional design you can use heritage bricks or even reclaimed bricks. Timber sleepers are a popular option but for the comparison in price and purpose we think it is a no brainer.

Do paving flags stain?

Certain flags do stain yes. Concrete and natural stone in particular if you are seeking out for paving that will resist stains. good quality porcelain is a great option most products have a porosity level of 0.08% this means they do not allow moisture in.

Can I paint my patio flags?

As landscape gardeners we in all honesty do not like this idea but yes there are special paints out there that you can use to paint your tired looking paving. Do research before you do this to find the right paint.

How to remove stumps?

For big stumps we recommend calling in professionals with the right machines and tools. More often than not you will need stump grinders and maybe even mini diggers to pull them out. On the other hand smaller stumps you can do yourself using shovels loppers and saws. Heres a few shortend tips
• Dig up the soil around the tree so the roots are exposed
• Cut away the smaller thin roots with loppers
• Use a saw to cut the big roots or even a small axe
• When all roots seem to be cut use a shovel to pry out the ground

Can you flag over a manhole?

No you cant flag over a manhole in case you need access in the future. What you can do is use a recess manhole this allows you flag in the lid of the manhole taking away the eye sore but still letting it serve it’s purpose.

Where did patio originate from?

The patio originated from Spain meaning courtyard or forecourt. It is a space generally used for dining and recreation that adjoins a residence and its typically paved.

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