Made to measure fencing solutions in the North West.

Whether you require traditional garden fencing, fence panels or metal fencing – we’ve got the skills you need.

Whether it’s timber or steel fencing you need, Aspire Landscapes provide a complete range of both, using the best materials from UK suppliers. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fencing to cater for a range of budgets. Our fence panels are made and installed with the utmost durability to look great for many years. From building, staining, delivery, fitting and removal of old wooden garden fencing; our Aspire team can advise and install every part of your wooden fencing needs.

Fencing provides an aesthetically pleasing element to your garden as well as a layer of added security and privacy. By adding to or modernising your garden’s fencing elements, you’re establishing your outdoor boundaries as well as keeping children and animals safely contained. But it doesn’t have to be an eyesore – as we can design your fence to have plants trained to grow along it, match you with the right material to suit the style of your garden, and blend it beautifully with your home and garden’s appearance.

aspire landscape liverpool

Lapped Fencing

Lapped fencing is a popular choice and great value for money. Using horizontal featherhead timber, lapped fencing can be used to disguise fence posts to give a slick, finished look to your garden. At Aspire, all our lap fence panels come treated, fully framed and complete with capping. Our highly resilient treated lap fencing resists the worst our British weather can throw at it and is an appealing boundary, built your way, that will stand the test of time, and is offered in a variety of styles. This fencing type are easily maintained and serve as a substantial barrier to road and traffic noises.

Lattered Trellis Fence

This fencing style offer a fresh look and a visual interest to an established outside area. On this project, we replaced old worn concrete fencing with solid fence panels completed with trellises for plant growth. Our clients wanted something that gave their garden security but didn’t compromise on style. We discussed a range of options before deciding on lattered trellis fencing. The homeowners were swayed by it’s robust qualities, providing a little more privacy without completely blocking out light. With the added trellis topping the fence panels it provides an elegant and simple solution for growing climbing planters up walls.

aspire landscape liverpool
aspire landscape liverpool

Feather Edging

This project consisted of 6ft feather edged fencing panels secured with reinforced concrete posts complete and a pressure treated finish, all measured, supplied and installed by our team. By sitting the edging on concrete base panels, we’re securing the structure for many years, against all weathers for a beautiful long-lasting frame. Feather edge fencing is a popular choice as it’s an effective product which produces bespoke fencing build to the exact specification in the exact length and overall height you require. If you want a no-fuss fence that looks beautiful, provides privacy and exceeds your expectations then you need feather edge.

Pinewood solid slat with trellis

After advising our clients on our range of fencing solutions, these homeowners decided on a Pinewood solid option complete with close board, panel, palisade and decorative trellis to transform their garden. Pinewood is one of the most traditional fencing on the market and it has many advantages over panel form fencing. Pinewood is great solid wooden fence panel that is not only cost effective but practical and offers a fantastic solution. It is equally as sturdy and well built as it is practical and attractive. Our client was very happy with the finishing trellis topper as it opened the landscape up to more light.

aspire landscape liverpool

Great job!

As a returning customer to aspire i knew i could trust them to carry out the job fast and precise. I showed the lads the fence i wanted. They supplied the materials and fitted it. It was the final piece to the puzzle. Great job.

Gregg Morgan – Allerton

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