Decking is a beautiful way of transforming your garden.

As a freestanding feature or attached to the house, decking provides a warm inviting outdoor space to entertain and relax.

Using decking in and around your garden is an attractive alternative to a patio and can help to create the perfect garden landscape and give your garden a practical edge. Decking can be built at both ground level or raised and can be simple or have added lighting and other attractive features. It can be constructed out of a range of materials, and suit any garden, however big or small.

At Aspire Landscapes, we understand that your new decking area should be an extension of your home and reflect your personal style. With that in mind, our team will listen to your ideas and create a perfectly decked outdoor space. We offer high quality decorative decking boards and professionally shaped tiling to provide practical decking solutions when laid onto a constructed base framework. By only buying from the best local suppliers, we only use the best pre-treated hardwood or softwood timber and excellent craftsmanship to ensure your decking always looks good and remains durable.

aspire landscape liverpool


Decking comes in a number of forms most common ones being  natural timber and composite decking. Both have there qualities and benefits. Timber being the cheaper option also giving your seating area a natural look. Composite decking has the benefits of not splitting, warping and free of growing algae issues. for the project pictured the land was originally flat and unkept, after clearing away all the loose debris our skilled joiner use treated timber to build  a solid platform. we designed, constructed and installed the bench an table using the  same timber to tie it altogether. We also erected the fence in the background to finsish it off.


Transform your outdoor space into a fairy tale with a pergola. A timber pergola is a great way of getting more out of your garden and adding height to spaces that may need it. Pergolas can be used in a variety of ways to add structure to your garden as a decorative finish to your walkways, paths and decking. We always use the best treated timber and beams for our pergolas and they can be secured in the ground, fixed to concrete, decking, patios or wall mounted and we provide the option of an open pergola or closed with trellis panel sides for plants to grow.

aspire landscape liverpool
aspire landscape liverpool

Wooden Gazebo

Timber gazebos are great for party hosts and entertainers as they’re great for get togethers, gatherings, BBQ and garden parties. Whether you desire a modest garden feature or a fully accessorised entertaining area, we have a wooden gazebo for you. Primarily used in residential spaces, our gazebos are also a great addition to public spaces and parklands. Our team can design and build in a number of shapes and sizes from square to octagonal and turret shaped structures. For this project, our team used Hardwood durable timber for the floor, frame, walls and roof then crafted a bespoke seating area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decking – FAQs

1. Is composite decking better than normal wood decking?

Composite decking certainly exceeds wood decking in terms of longevity so in effect the answer is yes.

2. Does decking attract vermin?

It does but there are easy steps to take upon installation to prevent this. As long as the decking is installed correctly to prevent these measures you should not have a problem.

3. Can you paint decking?

Yes, you can paint your decking. But we recommend a stain to keep the natural look and also reduces the risk of slip.

4. Decking or paving?

Paving will affectively last longer. Even with the new composite decking, the framework is essentially just natural wood this will eventually weather and rot over time. But on the other hand, if you already have a paved area, adding a deck will add some contrast to your space.

5. Does composite decking look real?

It is getting more realistic time goes on. Most of the high-quality stuff these days is as very realistic and in our opinion what you do lack on naturality you gain on quality and purpose.

6. What are the different types of decking?

  • Composite decking
  • Natural wood
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum

Highly skilled

To the lads at aspire thank you for you for your service. you lot are very professional, highly skilled at the same time being very warm and approachable. our garden now has some life in it again and we can enjoy spending time out there.

Sarah and Mark – Waterloo

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